New Construction Phase Inspections

New Construction Phase Inspection

Let’s face the facts. Humans make mistakes. All the time. The best builders are too busy to walk your house regularly to inspect for code compliance and poor workmanship. Some builders don’t even know what to look for because they have never read the building code! Most builders learn the city, state and national codes from inspectors like me. Aside from my years of new construction experience, I am certified through ICC to inspect 2018 Residential Code for New Construction Phase Inspections including; Pre-Pour Slab Foundation, Frame, Electrical/Mechanical/Plumbing Rough-Ins and Final. Over the past 5 years, I have completed hundreds of these types of inspections for various types of clients including; builders, buyers, city officials, lenders and insurance companies. I am certified to complete the necessary inspection forms for FHA, USDA and VA compliance. I also perform draw inspections for lenders.

Some common new construction phase inspection deficiencies include unfinished work, poor venting and damaged materials. Poor ventilation of attic and mechanical fans can severely impact the health of your home. You want an experienced inspector to check the installation of the appliances, water heater and AC system. You also want him to look at the storm water drainage. If you are looking for the most experienced new construction inspector to do a comprehensive code compliance inspection, schedule online here: