Home Inspection Services

We Proudly Offer the following Home Inspection Services

pool and spa inspections

Pool/Spa Inspection

Make sure that all components of your pool or spa are in safe working condition with a Pool/Spa Inspection. We thoroughly check each part of the system for defects and malfunctions, keeping you and your family safe.

Sewer Camera Inspection Diagram

Sewer Scope

Sewer drain inspections provide an extra layer of confidence when purchasing an older home with large trees in the yard.  Tree and plant roots, construction debris, and heavy vehicle traffic can wreak havoc on sewer drain lines and our sewer scope inspections are done during the normally scheduled inspection saving you time and money. Sewer Camera Inspection Explained.

Additional Inspection Services

Thermal Imaging Included

We offer Thermal Imaging Scans during the home inspection at no additional charge. With a thermal imaging camera, we are able to see areas of moisture and heat disparities. This information helps us find issues that could not be viewed by the unaided human eye alone.

Thermal Imaging

Foundation Elevation Report

Over the next several years your foundation will move and settle and if it moves or settles serious problems can occur. If you know what the foundation elevation measurements at the time you buy the home, you will have a valuable reference point to determine how much the home settles over time. I plot elevations on a graph of the corners of the house in reference to the middle of the house.