El Campo Texas Home Inspector

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El Campo got its name from the railroad camp that occupied the area in 1882 when all there was were four cattle ranches surrounding the town. El Campo has grown to be the largest city in Wharton County. Dooley Home Inspection is rated 5 out of 5 stars for their top quality inspection services. Lead inspector, Jonathan has many years of experience in construction, home inspections, and home services and his experience is well respected in the community.  They specialize in country properties, VA loans, and FHA loans. Their add-on services include water testing and septic inspections.

As a longtime resident of the area, Jonathan Dooley’s specialty is home inspections in the rural setting of El Campo, TX and surrounding area.  Dooley Home Inspections are certified for termite, septic, and home inspections.  In addition to El Campo, TX home inspections, he provides consulting services to commercial real estate and property investors. Schedule an inspection today!

El Campo Texas Home Inspector

Issues that are common to the area include AC condensers that need to be replaced, foundation movement due to clay soil, outdated electrical wiring, old galvanized water pipes, and cracked and lifting shingles.

The inspection is the first thing you should order during the contract option period after the purchase agreements are signed.  The buyer has a limited opportunity to have the house inspected and negotiate repairs with the seller.

The seller in a real estate transaction is not required to obtain an inspection, so the buyer is responsible for the cost.  Although, it is not uncommon for sellers to have their homes pre-inspected when listing to help sell their home.

The top four issues to correct in an inspection report are foundation issues as your entire house depends on it, electrical systems which lead to fires, HVAC systems for comfort, and plumbing issues which could lead to flooding or worse exposure to waste.

A typical home inspection starts at approximately $375.  Options like termite, septic, foundation, and well inspections generally include additional costs.