Water Testing and Well Equipment

Water Testing Inspection

Inspection of your water well system can help ensure it is operating properly by pointing out small deficiencies before they become major issues. More importantly, a water sample test can protect your health by discovering bacteria or other contaminants that could result in water quality problems presenting a health risk.

My Well Inspection includes:

  • Examining the area above the ground surface around the well head to check casing (pipe protruding from the ground)—to make sure materials and seals are in good condition and the casing extends at least 12 inches above ground with positive drainage around it.
  • Electrical conduit and control box—Visually verify that all connections are secure.
  • Check for potential sources of contamination and physical dangers such as chemicals, kennels, pastures, livestock operations, septic system within 100 ft radius.
  • Checking pressure and flow at each faucet while other faucets are running.

When I take a water sample to the lab, I take proper protocol such as running water for 5 minutes, sanitizing faucet, keeping sample below the required 60 degrees and delivering to the lab within 24 hrs.

For more information see: http://www.twdb.texas.gov/groundwater/data/doc/Well_Water_Testing.pdf

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