HUD Inspections

New Construction Phase Inspection

Dooley Home Inspection now offers HUD inspections! As with all of their services, Dooley Home Inspection carries out HUD inspections with professionalism and accuracy, providing you with the quality services you deserve.

What are HUD inspections?

HUD inspections are special inspections mandated by Housing and Urban Development for all HUD-financed properties. These inspections are critical in making sure these properties abide by minimum US Department of Housing and Urban Development standards of safety, health and habitability. Failure to pass HUD inspections can lead to displacement of tenants and even loss of funding for the property owner. The inspections govern everything from smoke detectors to water pressure and temperature, ensuring that all residents of a HUD-financed residence can enjoy a safe and healthy home.

Dooley Home Inspection, a trusted name in the inspection industry, is now offering HUD inspections to help property owners pass official inspections, minimize liability, and ensure the safety and comfort of all occupants. With their thorough inspections, excellent customer service, and reliable reports, Dooley Home Inspection can make sure that your property complies with HUD’s regulations.